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“10 Must-Have Smart Devices for a Better Home and Lifestyle”

"10 Must-Have Smart Devices for a Better Home and Lifestyle"

“10 Must-Have Smart Devices for a Better Home and Lifestyle” No doubt! Smart devices are devices that are connected to the Internet or other networks and can be controlled remotely or perform functions free . These devices are often designed to make our lives more suitable, efficient and connected. Here are some common examples of smart devices:

1. Smartphones

Smart phone

Smartphones are like super-powered, pocket-sized computers. They can do lots of cool things! You can call and text your friends, take pictures, and even watch videos on them. Smartphones are not just for fun; they help us stay in touch with our loved ones and make our lives easier.

2. Smart lights

Smart Bulb

Smart lights are like magical lamps that you can control with your phone or even your voice. They come in different colors and can get brighter or dimmer. They’re not just fun, they also help you save energy and make your home more colorful and comfortable. Smart lights are a bright idea!

3. Smart cameras

Security camera

Security cameras are essential tools for monitoring and safeguarding homes, businesses, and public spaces. Through these cameras you can save your property. you can see each and everything which done outside your home.  We have many Security Cameras which became need of everyone like Home Security Cameras are designed to monitor and record activities in and around a home, Wireless Security Cameras provide remote access for homeowners to monitor their properties and improve security and CCTV Cameras also used for security purpose. These security cameras giving us unprecedented peace of mind in an uncertain world. Indoor Security Cameras carefully monitor the places where we live and work. Outdoor security cameras are specialized devices designed to monitor and record activities outside buildings and properties. 

4. Smart Locks

Smart Lock

Smart locks are like magical keys for your house. They don’t need regular keys; you can open them with your phone or a secret code. These locks make your home more secure and make your life easier. These locks make your home more secure and make your life easier because you don’t have to fumble around with keys anymore.

5. Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances

Appliances like smart refrigerators and washing machines can be connected to Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor and control them remotely. We have Smart Electronics which changed the way we interact with our homes. These connected devices, including Smart Home DevicesSmart Appliances and Smart Home Security System, make everyday life easier and safer.

6. Smart watches

Smart Watches

Smartwatches are becoming quite popular in Pakistan. We have many Smart Watches which became an important part of modern life. A Smart Watch is like a mini computer that you wear on your wrist. It looks like a regular watch but does a lot. When you choosing the Best Smart Watches, you will find many options in the market.  The Apple Watch , Hilink Smart Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch are Smartwatches. These watches can do more than tell the time and adding a little technology to your style. It connects to your Smartphone and show you messages, emails and calls. You can also use it to track your fitness, such as counting your steps and measuring your heart rate.  

7. Smart Plug

Smart Plug

These plug into existing outlets and allow you to control the power of connected devices remotely via a smartphone app. We have Smart Electronics which changed the way we interact with our homes. These connected devices, including Smart Home DevicesSmart Appliances and Smart Home Security System, make everyday life easier and safer. They allow for Wireless Home Automation, giving you remote control over various aspects. With the Best Smart Electronics, you can have remote home control, to ensure your home is safe and efficient even when you are away from home.

8. Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat

These devices, like the Nest Thermostat, can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app and can learn your heating and cooling preferences to optimize energy use. They also learn your habits and can adjust the temperature all by themselves to keep you comfy. So, with a smart thermostat, you stay cozy and help the environment at the same time!

9. Smart TV

Smart tv

A smart TV is like a regular TV, but super-smart. It’s not just for watching shows and movies. It can do a whole lot more. You can use it to browse the internet, watch videos on YouTube, or even play games. Modern televisions can connect to the Internet, stream content from services like Netflix, and often come with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

10. Smart home security systems

Smart home Security system

A smart home security system is like having a super-smart guardian for your home. It keeps an eye on things and helps to keep you safe. These systems use special gadgets like cameras, sensors, and alarms. These gadgets are not just about technology. They are about making your life better and easier. Smart CamerasDoorbells and Security systems provide real-time security and notifications, enhancing home security. Get the best prices on Smart Electronics Price in Pakistan from

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The Best Smartwatch Technology in Pakistan

SmartWatch Technology

In today’s fast-paced world, thanks to the incredible advancements in smartwatch technology, staying connected and on top of your health and fitness has never been easier. Pakistan has quickly adopted this trend, with many opting for smartwatches to improve their daily lives. With so many options available in the market, finding the perfect smartwatch can be a daunting task. To make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the best smartwatches available in Pakistan, along with their prominent features.

Hilink 23R Smart Watch

Be honest; Not all of us have the budget for the latest high-end smartwatches. But that doesn’t mean we should settle for sub-standards or features. In a world full of overpriced gadgets, the Hilink 23R smartwatch is a breath of fresh air. It offers affordability without sacrificing quality or essential features. So, if you’re in Pakistan and looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch that covers the basics with style, the Hilink 23R deserves a place on your wrist. The Hilink 23R smartwatch proves that affordable Smart Watch can coexist with impressive functionality.


  • Dimensions: 44.8*11mm
  • Material: Silicon Straps, Zinc Alloy body case + Plastic shell
  • Water Resistant: IP67
  • Weight: 50g
  • Operation System: Glory-Fit, Android, IOS
  • Mic: Yes
  • Screen Resolution: 360×360
  • Screen Type: TFT
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 7 Days Battery Life

T100 Plus Smart Watch Series 7

In recent years, smartwatches have become more than just timekeepers. They’ve become our all-in-one companion for fitness tracking, communication, and even fashion statements. And when it comes to the T100 Plus Smart Watch Series 7, it’s clear why it’s gaining such widespread attention. The T100 Plus Smart Watch Series 7 is not just a tech accessory. It is a lifestyle statement. In Pakistan, it has quickly become a symbol of staying connected, keeping track of your health, and doing it all in style.


  • Material: Silicon
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Speaker: Yes
  • Operation System: Android and IOS
  • Mic: Yes
  • Screen Resolution: 320×385
  • Screen Type: HD Screen
  • Screen Size: 1.75 inches
  • 7 Days Battery Life
  • Modes: Multi-Sport Modes

If you want to be a part of the hottest tech trend in Pakistan right now, the T100 Plus Smart Watch Series 7 is your ticket then visit . It’s a smartwatch that combines fashion, functionality and affordability, making it a must-have for tech enthusiasts and trendsetters alike.

Hilink 23S Smart Watch

Imagine being able to take your smartwatch with you on all your water adventures without any hassle. That’s exactly what the Hilink 23S smartwatch offers, and it’s making a significant splash in the Pakistani tech scene. The Hilink 23S smartwatch is not just a waterproof smartwatch. This is a game changer. It lets you embrace water-based adventures and stay connected without missing a beat. So, if you are in Pakistan and wish to explore the world while staying connected and stylish, the Hilink 23S smartwatch is a must have on your wrist.


  • Dimensions: 44.7*37.7*10.5mm
  • Material: Silicon Straps, Plastic shell
  • Water Resistant: IP68
  • Weight: 39g
  • Operation System: Glory-Fit, Android, IOS
  • Mic: Yes
  • Screen Resolution: 320×380
  • Screen Type: TFT
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 7 Days Battery Life

Dive into the future with this incredible piece of wearable tech. Get your Hilink 23S today and step into the world of waterproof smartwatches.

T900 Ultra Smart Watch

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are more crucial than ever. The T900 Ultra Smart Watch is designed with these needs in mind, offering cutting-edge features that cater to both tech aficionados and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who values ​​staying connected with latest Smart Watch the T900 Ultra is designed to improve your everyday life in Pakistan.


  • Material: Silicon
  • Water Resistant: IP67
  • Operation System: Proprietray OS
  • Screen Resolution: N/A
  • Screen Type: TFT
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 2-3 Days Battery Life
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Screen Size: 1.81 inches

Don’t miss out on this incredible piece of technology that is taking Pakistan by storm. Get your T900 Ultra Smartwatch today and experience the future of smartwatches! Stay modern, connected and healthy with this latest gadget. Your wrist will thank you.

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Prices of Wireless Security Cameras in Pakistan: A Complete Guide

security systems

Wireless security cameras are a vital part of any security system. Not only do they provide an extra layer of protection. but they also offer peace of mind knowing that your home or business is being monitored. Wireless security cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits, including their easy installation and portability. Wireless security cameras also offer a number of other benefits, including the ability to view live footage from your smartphone or tablet and the option to record footage to a cloud-based storage service.

When it comes to choosing a wireless security camera, there are many factors to consider, such as price, features, and quality. In this article, we will provide a complete guide to the prices of wireless security cameras in Pakistan. We will also share some tips on how to choose the best camera for your needs.

Prices of wireless cameras in Pakistan

  • Q5 Wireless IP Camera 360 view Rotatable, HD WiFi CCTV Surveillance Camera – PTZ – Night Vision – Two Way Audio – Motion Detection – SD Card Slot – V380 (White)This camera is perfect for security and surveillance. It features a 360 degree view, night vision, two way audio, motion detection, and an SD card slot. Its price start from 3300 to 4000
  • E27 360 Rotating Auto Tracking Light Camera is a top-of-the-line security camera that features remote viewing, PTZ, and IP CCTV capabilities. This powerful camera also has a wireless wifi connection and an E27 interface. With its many features, this camera is perfect for any home or business security system. Its price start from 3500 to 4500
  • The WiFi Wall Lamp Camera is a great choice for anyone looking for an HD 1080P outdoor security camera. It’s waterproof and has night vision, making it perfect for any situation. The LED lights & two-way audio make it easy to stay connected, while the motion detection and SD card slot make it a great choice for security purposes. Its price start from 4400 to 5500
  • A1 WiFi CCTV Home Security Camera 360 Rotatable – IR Night Vision. With its 360-degree rotatable design, this camera can capture a full view of your home in crystal clear 1080P HD resolution. its two-way audio feature, you can stay connected with your family and monitor your home while away. Plus, it’s easy to install and connect with your home WiFi network. just want some extra peace of mind, this security camera is the perfect choice… its price start from Rs 4900 to Rs 5900
  • Q10 OutdoorPTZ IP Wireless Security Camera Dome 360 is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable security camera. you can get a 360-degree view of the area you are monitoring. It’s also wireless, so you can easily install it anywhere you need it. The camera is weatherproof, . It also has night vision, LED lights. it has two-way audio. it has motion detection and an SD card slot for easy storage of your footage. its price start from Rs 5100 to Rs 6800
  • K6 Outdoor Full HD Wireless IP Security Camera is the perfect choice. This WiFi CCTV Surveillance Camera offers a comprehensive range of features, including HD resolution, weatherproof construction, night vision, LED lights, two-way audio, and motion detection. It also has an SD card slot and can be connected to the innovative V380 app. Plus, the camera comes with a free camera stand and power adapter for easy setup. .its price start from Rs 4100 to Rs 6500
  • C18 is Full HD PTZ Outdoor Wireless Surveillance Camera. This security camera is designed to give you peace of mind – it’s equipped with 5X digital zoom |& 4K HD dome IP WiFi & smart IR night version. Plus, it’s weather proof, so you can be sure it’ll work in any conditions. The camera is also compatible with multiple devices, so you can view it on your computer, phone, or tablet. you can be sure that your property is safe and secure. its price start from Rs 6999 to Rs 11000

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5 ways to improve your home security in Pakistan


Here are some advice from experts on how to protect your loved ones and possessions.

1. Install a modern alarm system.

Installing a modern alarm system inside the premises will not keep intruders out but it can act as a deterrent.The technology will automatically make a sound at the first sign of a breach that alone can deter a determined burglar.

If someone tries to break into your home, the alarm will give you a notification whether you are at home or away, and it will also alert the local police. You can install an alarm system that suits your needs.

2. Add a security camera

Security cameras perform better security and in conjunction with a home security system. With the use of wifi smart cameras, you can monitor activity around your house around-the-clock. Burglars would hesitate before moving closer to your home. It is a surefire method of fending them off.

3. lock your doors and windows

It can be very easy to break into a home for burglary. Meaning many of us leave the door open! So even though you live in a very low-key, sleepy neighborhood. . . Just close your doors and windows. It’s more about playing it safe. For more product visit

4. Light up the dark

Installing outdoor lighting with motion sensors simultaneously keeps breakers & theft away. Since they want to stay hidden forever, the light will put them inside the spotlight which strengthens the intervention in your home. The main problem that comes to the notice of thieves and burglars is too much activity in the house. Golf shot lights on timers create the illusion that someone is still indoors after you’re gone.

5. Keep your most valuables hidden

Don’t keep your big-ticket items in plain sight. Jewellery, cash, electronic appliances square measure the valuables that thieves scramble for. Keeping them hidden somewhere, which is inaccessible, reduces the risk of any accidents.

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First Wifi Security Camera Made In Pakistan Coming Soon

New HiLink Beli H2 wifi camera

Hilink is introducing a FIrst Wifi Security Camera Beli H2 which is made in Pakistan.

Hilink a Pakistani stratus up is introducing a smart wifi camera Beli H2 for indoor and outdoor use. The HiLink smart wifi security camera might be small, but it doesn’t skimp on features. Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, it delivers sharp 1080p video and offers night vision and intelligent alerts. You can control it with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, though it doesn’t offer any local storage While the HiLink wifi security camera is a strong choice,

Incredible value for a highly effective camera! setup was also very easy just plug and play once you get it on it works beautifully and takes moments to install. The biggest question you will have is simply where to put the camera is sturdy but flexible enough to make anything work. You will control the camera from the associated mobile app works to make it easy to keep track of what’s going to stay safe.

Some Features of HiLink Wifi Camera Beli H2

1.WiFi Connected

2. Two-Way Voice Enabled

3. Night Vision

4. Weatherproof

5. Person, Package & Pet Detection

6. 24/7 Recorded Video

7. Motion Tracking

8. Create Your Perfect Surveillance SystemFlexible Mounting Options and much more

9.Flexible Mounting Options and much more

You will see New Wifi Camera Beli H2 on soon.

Which are very affordable with very high quality and features. it’s also very easy to install. just plug and play. Click here to check out the Handsome arrangement of Smart Wifi Security Cameras

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The best smartwatches for men you can buy

Unlike smartphones, modern smartwatches aren’t essential pieces of tech, but they sure make getting through the day a lot easier. These wrist-worn companions not only display the time but double as personal fitness trainers and, in some cases, completely independent smart devices. Choosing a suitable smartwatch for your wrist is a tough decision. But we’re here to make your life a little easier. Below, you’ll find a list of the best smartwatches for men you can buy.

See also:The best smartwatches for men you can buy

If you’re budget-limited, so don’t worry you will see the low-price best smartwatch here.

Here is the list of The best smartwatches for men.

  1. Hilink Beli Smart Watch WS11
  2. Apple Watch Series 7
  3. T100 Plus Smart Watch Series 7
  4. Xiaomi Mi Band 6
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

1. Hilink Beli Smart Watch S11

If you’re shopping for a smartwatch, the Hilink Beli Smart Watch S11 is your only choice. By default, this makes it the best in its category. However, it makes a good look when you wear this in your hand. The WS11 still tracks all the basics, including Heart rate, Blood oxygen, Sleep mode, Incoming call reminder, BT music, Bezel style, Pedometer, Sporting mode, remote photo, and menu style switching. While the standard of HiLink WS11 is great, the Classic variant is our pick for men’s wrists, packing a chunky rotating bezel and a large dial.

Some Features of WS11

  • Multi Sports Mode & Fitness Tracking
  • IPS 240 x 240, 1.28″ HD Screen,
  • Chipset Realtek RTL8762C, Heart Rate Chip VC29
  • Automatic Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Bluetooth Call Dialer/Support
  • Battery 300mAh, Magnetic Charging, Charging Time 1.3 hour, Work Hours 15 days
  • Ble 5.0, App Gloryfit for Android, iPhone
  • Function: IP67 waterproof, Heart rate monitoring, Blood pressure,
  • Blood oxygen, Sleep mode, In-coming call reminder, BT music,
  • Bezel style, Pedometer, Sporting mode, remote photo, menu style switching.

If you want to Buy this watch checkout from HERE.

2. Apple Watch Series 7

After we dubbed the Apple Watch Series 6 the best smartwatch money can buy, the Series 7 has plenty to live up to. On the surface, it doesn’t deviate too much from its predecessor, offering no health tracking upgrades. However, the larger display and more durable screen in upgrades.

tracks all the basics, including heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep. A built-in ECG makes a welcome return, especially for those with a history of heart problems. For smartwatch features, the App Store hosts a plethora of apps crafted for the upgraded watch screen. The latest Apple Watch also packs a larger screen than ever before, making it look right at home on wider wrists.

Some Features of Apple Watch Series 7

  • Bigger Retina display
  • Durable, premium design
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • When it works, heart rate sensor can be very accurate
  • Great software and app support

3.T100 Plus Smart Watch Series 7

If your budget is this watch is best for you the T100 Plus Smart Watch Series 7 is the best all-around low-budget smartwatch the company has ever made. Aesthetically, it’s also one of the company’s best-looking products to date. The Series 7 still tracks all the basics, including  call record, Facebook, sedentary reminder, BT call, flashlight, body temperature test, step counting, Bluetooth music, remote photo, menu style switching, Twitter, information, running, sleep monitoring, blood pressure, riding, skipping rope, heart rate, phone book, and weather,

Some Features of T100 Plus Smart Watch Series 7

  • Low Budget Smart Watch
  • Four Smart Menus for Personalization
  • Multi Sports Mode & Fitness Tracking
  • 1.75″ HD Screen
  • Automatic Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Bluetooth Call Dialer/Support
  • Android/iOS Support
  • Function: call record, Facebook, sedentary reminder, BT call,
    flashlight, body temperature test, step counting, Bluetooth music, remote photo, menu style switching, Twitter, information, running, sleep monitoring,, blood pressure, riding, skipping rope, heart rate, phone book, weather

If you want to Buy this watch checkout from HERE.

4. Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band series has long been the cheap fitness tracker of choice, and the sixth edition continues this tradition. It now includes a SpO2 sensor, an even larger display, and plenty of basic sport tracking modes.
Thanks in part to these upgrades, the Mi Band 6 doesn’t last as long between charges as its predecessor, while its sleep tracking credentials and Android app still leave plenty to be desired. That said, you’ll struggle to find a better fitness band at this price point.

Some Features of Xiaomi Mi Band 6

  • Affordable price
  • Good battery life
  • Bigger, colorful display
  • Lots of sports tracking modes
  • Useful smart features

5. Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch 4 Classic

Samsung and Google’s latest wearable OS brings broader app support, a smarter UI layout, and more Android integration to the wrist. In terms of health smarts, Samsung brings a body composition monitor to the table that measures body fat, skeletal mass, and other metrics that inform a man’s overall health. A heart rate sensor, SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, and stress tracking add further context.
For all its pros, the Watch 4 does suffer from lackluster battery life. GPS performance is surprisingly dismal too, making this smartwatch less attractive for men seeking a running companion.

Some Features of Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch 4 Classic

  • Classy design in multiple size options
  • Fantastic AMOLED screen
  • Promising future for Wear OS 3
  • Useful body composition metrics
  • Large app library and access to Google staples

I hope now you will select your SMARTWATCHES easily.

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What are motion detection cameras?

Motion Tracking

In this Blog, we will know about What are motion detection cameras?

It is a security camera that only records when it detects motion in its field of vision. There are two types of motion cameras, software-based motion, and passive infrared (PIR).

PIR uses hidden infrared cameras that detect body heat. So when a warm body crosses the area, the ambient infrared energy levels will change rapidly and it triggers the motion alerts, causing it to record and possibly send an alarm to you.

Software-based compares pixel changes between consecutive frames.If someone passes in front of the camera then the motion alert will be active.

However, motion detection camera can be prone to false alarms depending on where you set it up. This would cause unnecessary alarms and/or recordings. One way to prevent that is to keep your camera away from areas where heat levels can change rapidly like windows or heating vents.

Why should you use them?


You won’t have to spend time watching your recorded footage, then your camera will either only record or send an alarm when its motion sensors are triggered. This allows you to be able to do things freely without having to check back on your camera constantly.


Recording everything will cause your camera’s allocated storage to be filled very quickly so having motion detection camera is a good way to keep your recordings for a long time only when the motion sensors are triggered.

Features of the Best Motion-Activated Security Cameras

  • 1080p to 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Long-range infrared night vision
  • STARLIGHT color night vision
  • Wide Dynamic Range and wide angle of view
  • Two-way audio for instant communication
  • motion alerts and notifications
  • Remote viewing capability on smartphone, PC, or tablet
  • Weatherproof for outdoor use

Click here to checkout our WIFI SECURITY CAMERAS arrange.

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Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras: Which is Right For You?

Security camera

One question is going on in your mind which is Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras: Which is Right For You?

Security cameras help you to know what is going on at your property when you are not there. Therefore, having a  Security Camera will help you make sure that no one enters your property. Therefore, it is very important to use a security camera for your property. The problem that you will have is the fact that you cannot see the activities that are going on inside your home or office while you are not there.

Wired Security Cameras

Wired security cameras transmit video and audio signals through a wire to a central hub. The network allows users to view the video live or watch it later.

Wired security cameras receive their electrical power via a hardwired cable. This power might come directly from a power outlet.

Installation is the main downside to wired security camera systems. Because you want to cast a wide view across your home and property, it is not possible to cluster the cameras to save on wiring.


  • Clear audio
  • Reliable signals
  • Constant power to cameras
  • Wireless hacking of home system not possible


  • Not clear video
  • Not portable; system remains with the house if you move
  • Wiring must be run to numerous locations
  • Number of cameras limited by the number of jacks on the DVR

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless (and wire-free) security camera systems send footage from cameras placed around the house to the home’s Wi-Fi. The transmission is completely wireless. Once the Wi-Fi receives the signal, it is sent to a cloud server, where footage can be viewed in real-time or it is archived for later viewing. Some cameras have onboard micro SD cards which store a limited amount of footage.

Standard features to expect in wireless and wire-free security camera systems include night vision, two-way audio, 2K HD video, Motion tracking, and voice control through your choice of the digital assistant.

The distinction between wireless and wire-free systems is important Because of wire-free cameras’ limited power, they conserve power by recording only when they detect a signal. By contrast, wireless systems receive constant power from the home and are capable of recording constantly. They can also be set to record only when motion is detected.


  • Clean installation
  • Cleared video
  • Good signals
  • Clear audio
  • System is flexible, mobile
  • Easy to scale up and add more cameras
  • Intruders cannot cut wire because there is none


  • Walls, floors and other building elements can impede signal
  • Interference with other Wi-Fi-dependent systems possible
  • Prone to digital snooping

After carefully reviewing the features, pricing, and customer reviews we found the answer for Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras: Which is Right For You?

We consider the WIFI SECURITY CAMERA is the best for your property.

Click here to checkout our WIFI SECURITY CAMERAS arrange.

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The Best Online Store For Gadgets In Pakistan

Online shopping

Did anyone say online shopping for Gadgets?

Yes, we did! In this blog, we will discuss The Best Online Store For Gadgets In Pakistan.

Shopping is like dopamine to every person on the face of the earth. Whether old or young, rich or poor, this term has everyone rolling. The term shopping was invented centuries ago, but it keeps on evolving with every passing day. Especially due to the onset of Covid-19, the trend of online shopping has deeply increased. It is no surprise that every day we see new online shopping websites in Pakistan and social media platforms coming up to promote online shopping and become a part of the larger sector of online shopping platforms.

There are a number of reasons why online shopping for gadgets in Pakistan is the best option.

First, it is convenient and allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home. Second, you have a wider range of products to choose from. Third, you can compare prices easily and fourth, you can get your products delivered to your doorstep. is a popular brand and one of the best online store for gadgets in Pakistan on the internet. After reviewing the options, I believe that is the best online store for gadgets in Pakistan. In conclusion, is an eCommerce store focused on the best Gadgets. offers a wide range of products at competitive prices. Here you can get amazing items like Smart Watches, Earphones, Smart Cameras, and much more. There are always good sales going on. It is also one of the best online wifi security camera seller website in Pakistan. also has a focus on customer satisfaction, with a 24/7 customer support team available to help with any issues.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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The 5 Best WiFi Cameras You Can Buy

After carefully reviewing the features, pricing, and customer reviews of the top 5 Best WiFi Cameras You Can Buy, we have compiled a list of the best ones available on the market.

Now that you know what to look for, here are our top 5 Best WiFi Cameras You Can Buy.

1. V380 Q5

The Q5 offers 720P Resolution, you can stick it outside, an impressive 160-degree viewing angle, and even color night vision. It connects directly to your home Wi-Fi so you won’t need to buy a separate hub to get it working. With the help of the app guiding us through the process, setup was really easy and only took about 5 minutes.

In our tests, we found that its motion detection is top-notch, and the app is a pleasure to use as well. One neat feature is the Motion Track, which can be activated automatically when motion is detected.


  • Sensor: 1/4 “CMOS, 1 Megapixel
  • Resolution: 720P
  • Extra Stream: D1 (704 X 576) – 25f / S
  • Lens: 3.6mm / 6mm.
  • Infrared: 11 IR Led Ф 5mm.Infrared: 10m, IR Cut Technology.
  • Sensitivity: 0.5Lux@F1.2 (AGC ON).
  • 355 Degrees Horizontal Rotation – 90 Degrees Vertical Rotation, 8 Direction Control.
  • Supports2-WayAudio, 1Microphone, 1 3.5mm Jack
  • SupportsUp To 32G SDMemory Card
  • Email Notification Alerts Support.1 In / 1ra.
  • Day / Night (ICR), 2dB, AWB, AGC, BLC, Motion Detection
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • DC Power Supply 5V-2A

Here,s the product and unboxing video of the V380 Q5.

2. K6

The K6 Wifi Security Camera is fantastic, receiving strong ratings in our tests for video quality and data security. It performs quite well in our response time test, but its data privacy could be better. This model gives you night vision, a security alarm, and voice and app control (via V380), and it connects directly to WiFi.


  • 2MP resolution, 1080P
  • 3.6mm camera lens
  • 4pc LED, 2pc, sLED IR, IR distance: 25-30 m
  • H.264 Video format
  • 25fps video transmission
  • Support Motion detection;
  • Simultaneous multi H.264 streams support;
  • iPhone and Android apps available for remote viewing;
  • Plug & Play smart access without IP setting via routers;
  • Support digital zoom on preview & playback;

Here,s the product and unboxing video of the K6.

3. V380 Q10

In the very crowded world of home security cameras, the Q10 Security Camera is a solid mid-range option at an affordable price. Q10 offers the highest recording resolution, Motion track, and color footage at night, for the majority of people this home security camera hits the sweet spot between price and features. 

Some FEATURES of Q10

  • System Embedded Linux Systems ,ARM chip architecture Chipset AK3918E V300
  • Image Sensor 1/2.7″COMS SC2235
  • Pixels 3.0MP
  • Sensor Resolution 2048 x 1536
  • Camera Size: 104 mm x 175mm x 163mm
  • Lens 4MM
  • View of Angle 72°(4MM)
  • Video Encoding 25FPS
  • Video Standard PAL:25FPS
  • Minimum Illumination 0.01 Lux Electronic Shutter Auto Digital Wide Dynamic Support
  • Digital Noise Reduction 2D、3D
  • IR LED 6pcs Infrared Array
  • Internet WIFI(IEEE802.11b/g/n)/ 1 RJ45 10/100M LAN port

Here,s the product and unboxing video of the Q10.

4. Hilink H1

Hilink H1 is one of the most affordable home security cameras on the market, The full HD footage it records during the day and at night is clear, and we found the camera simple to set up at your Home, Office, Garage, Street, and where you want. it’s also easy to control using the app IC SEE. 


  • High definition camera
  • Humanoid tracking, special function of watch position
  • Support Lan, WiFi & AP hotspot
  • TF card supports up to 128G
  • H.265 technology to double storage;
  • Two-way voice intercom, mobile alarm information push, infrared night vision
  • Mobile alarm information sensitive push; alarm information WeChat direct push (subsequent upgrade)
  • CMS computer client saves and plays back in real-time; ONVIF protocol recorder adds
  • Standard pickup and speaker sound playback

Here,s the product and unboxing video of the HiLink H1.

5. Outdoor Lamp – A11

Looking for an outdoor security camera that ensures tiny details are visible in the footage it records, even if the camera’s field of view is taking in a large area. The Lamp Outdoor – A11, offers a Wide-angle lens of 160 degrees and is Simple or easy to install meaning, you can Plug and Play at your preferred location. This is great for mounting high-up on your property, for example looking over your driveway, ensuring you can still read a car number plate on the drive. 

Some FEATURES of A11

  • Two way communication helps you communicate.
  • Support remote viewing on mobile devices. for iPhone/Android supported.
  • Built in sound pick up: video with sound,more perfect video footage.
  • Wide-angle lens 160 degrees. Support WIFI, AP hotspot,
  • Get an on board external storage of up to 64GB
  • Simple and easy to install meaning, you can Plug and Play at your preferred location

Here,s the product and unboxing video of the Outdoor Lamp-A11.

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