How to set up V380 camera

Here is quick configuration guide for How to Set Up V380 Camera. Video Tutorial: Step 1. Local Access: Install V380 or V380 Pro App (Available on android / Iphone) stores. Turn on your WIFI IP CAMERA and connect your SMART PHONE with WIFI IP CAMERA wifi Signals in you PHONE WIFI SETTING. Open V380 or […]

“10 Must-Have Smart Devices for a Better Home and Lifestyle”

“10 Must-Have Smart Devices for a Better Home and Lifestyle” No doubt! Smart devices are devices that are connected to the Internet or other networks and can be controlled remotely or perform functions free . These devices are often designed to make our lives more suitable, efficient and connected. Here are some common examples of […]

The Best Smartwatch Technology in Pakistan

In today’s fast-paced world, thanks to the incredible advancements in smartwatch technology, staying connected and on top of your health and fitness has never been easier. Pakistan has quickly adopted this trend, with many opting for smartwatches to improve their daily lives. With so many options available in the market, finding the perfect smartwatch can […]

Prices of Wireless Security Cameras in Pakistan: A Complete Guide

Wireless security cameras are a vital part of any security system. Not only do they provide an extra layer of protection. but they also offer peace of mind knowing that your home or business is being monitored. Wireless security cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits, including their easy installation and portability. […]

5 ways to improve your home security in Pakistan

Here are some advice from experts on how to protect your loved ones and possessions. 1. Install a modern alarm system. Installing a modern alarm system inside the premises will not keep intruders out but it can act as a deterrent.The technology will automatically make a sound at the first sign of a breach that […]

Hilink H11 Smartwatch Review

Hilink H11 smartwatch unboxing looks amazing to watch. it’s an outstanding color display. If you are shopping for a smartwatch, Hilink Smart Watch H11 is your only choice. By default, this makes it the best in its category. However, it looks good when you wear it in your hand. we have some silicone bands that […]

The best smartwatches for men you can buy

Unlike smartphones, modern smartwatches aren’t essential pieces of tech, but they sure make getting through the day a lot easier. These wrist-worn companions not only display the time but double as personal fitness trainers and, in some cases, completely independent smart devices. Choosing a suitable smartwatch for your wrist is a tough decision. But we’re […]

What are motion detection cameras?

In this Blog, we will know about What are motion detection cameras? It is a security camera that only records when it detects motion in its field of vision. There are two types of motion cameras, software-based motion, and passive infrared (PIR). PIR uses hidden infrared cameras that detect body heat. So when a warm […]

The Best Online Store For Gadgets In Pakistan

Did anyone say online shopping for Gadgets? Yes, we did! In this blog, we will discuss The Best Online Store For Gadgets In Pakistan. Shopping is like dopamine to every person on the face of the earth. Whether old or young, rich or poor, this term has everyone rolling. The term shopping was invented centuries […]