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What are motion detection cameras?

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In this Blog, we will know about What are motion detection cameras?

It is a security camera that only records when it detects motion in its field of vision. There are two types of motion cameras, software-based motion, and passive infrared (PIR).

PIR uses hidden infrared cameras that detect body heat. So when a warm body crosses the area, the ambient infrared energy levels will change rapidly and it triggers the motion alerts, causing it to record and possibly send an alarm to you.

Software-based compares pixel changes between consecutive frames.If someone passes in front of the camera then the motion alert will be active.

However, motion detection camera can be prone to false alarms depending on where you set it up. This would cause unnecessary alarms and/or recordings. One way to prevent that is to keep your camera away from areas where heat levels can change rapidly like windows or heating vents.

Why should you use them?


You won’t have to spend time watching your recorded footage, then your camera will either only record or send an alarm when its motion sensors are triggered. This allows you to be able to do things freely without having to check back on your camera constantly.


Recording everything will cause your camera’s allocated storage to be filled very quickly so having motion detection camera is a good way to keep your recordings for a long time only when the motion sensors are triggered.

Features of the Best Motion-Activated Security Cameras

  • 1080p to 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Long-range infrared night vision
  • STARLIGHT color night vision
  • Wide Dynamic Range and wide angle of view
  • Two-way audio for instant communication
  • motion alerts and notifications
  • Remote viewing capability on smartphone, PC, or tablet
  • Weatherproof for outdoor use

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